We buy diabetic test strips at wholesale prices and sell them to people who need a little help with the costs of monitoring and managing their diabetes!  We buy all major brands and sell only those that are in NEW condition – unopened and unexpired.  By offering test strips at a fraction of retail cost we are able to help families who otherwise could not afford to monitor their health consistently.  Learn more about us and what we do!


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“Tucson Test Strips is so awesome!

They saved my life.

I couldn’t afford test strips since I don’t have insurance, but Tyson was there to help.  He sold me test strips for way less than what I could have bought them from the pharmacy.  Now I can test my sugar levels as often as the doctor wanted, and I don’t have to worry about spending all my money on strips anymore.  Now I can take care of my health, and my family too.”


Josephina, Actual Tucson Test Strips Customer