About Us

tucson test strips

Tucson Test Strips buys and sells unexpired, unopened diabetic test strips.

We buy unwanted test strips and sell them below retail value for people who desperately need quality diabetic test strips.

Many people are without adequate insurance coverage, but this shouldn’t mean that they go without supplies that help them maintain their health while living with diabetes.  If you need to buy diabetic test strips without insurance, you are looking at $80, $100, $120 PER BOX, which just simply isn’t affordable for everyone!  That’s where we come in.  By purchasing unwanted and unneeded tests strips at wholesale prices, we can pass that savings along to people who want to manage their diabetes but cannot afford to pay the high prices that come with quality supplies.

Tucson Test Strips was started by Sherwood Ventures LLC owner, Tyson Sherwood, to meet a growing need in his city.  Since beginning this project in 2014, Tyson has seen first-hand what a blessing and benefit this service is to the hundreds of people he serves every month.  He takes it very seriously and has strict requirements for the boxes of test strips he buys and sells, only purchasing and selling boxes that are unopened, unexpired, and blemish-free (boxes are in new condition). He is able to witness first-hand how life-changing it can be for people to take control of their health and well-being when they previously could not afford to do so.  Tyson works primarily in Tucson, Arizona and surrounding areas, but also buys and sells test strips from people in other cities across the United States.