Sell Strips

If you would like to sell strips for CASH today, please fill out this form.  We will get back to you as soon as possible to make arrangements.  Please make sure your boxes meet the following requirement before filling out the form:

  • Boxes must be in NEW condition – Unopened, no dents, no pen marks, no tears
  • Boxes must be UNEXPIRED – We prefer dates be at least 9 months from today’s date, but will occasionally buy “short date boxes” 3-9 months from expiration.
  • Boxes may have labels on them.  We remove all labels professionally prior to sale.  PLEASE do not attempt to remove labels yourself, as this often damages the boxes and disqualifies them from being purchased and/or sold by us.
  • We do accept mail order test strips, but we do not offer the same pricing for those boxes.

Complete this form for a price quote!

  • Please upload a picture of the box(es) you would like to sell. Be sure that the picture shows expiration date(s) and quality of box(es). There are 5 upload fields below. If you need more than that, please upload what you can and we will email you if we need any additional pictures. Please note: We will not purchase boxes sight unseen. If you cannot upload here for some reason, we will email or call you to make other arrangements. Thank you!